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why release on

releasing your music in our online record store through our record release service bears only advantages for you. with us you are able to test out how many records you would sell, without any kind of financial risk. our service is also a perfect opportunity to release your whole back-catalogue on vinyl, so everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy your music on the turntables.

no minimum quantities

our record release service works on an on demand basis. as we produce every record after beeing ordered, there is no need for minimum quantities.

free of charge

for you the artist our service is completly free of charge. you only earn money and free records when joining our record release service.

lightning fast

our production process doesn’t suffer from never-ending turnaround times. as soon as your record is online, it will be produced and shipped in no time.

what is the process?

to participate in our vinyl record release service on our on demand record store you simply have to follow these steps:

  • 1. you fill out the form to join

    at first you fill out the form below and tell us a bit about your project/release. we will then contact you with further details regarding your release.

  • 2. we will prepare an online product for your release

    after providing us the right to sell your music in our record store, we will publish your release. we are also able to do that in advance of the actual release and set up a pre-order option.

  • 3. you animate your community to buy your records on

    from the moment your music is online in our record store you then share the link on all of your socials, etc. and animate your community to engage and buy your music on vinyl.

  • 4. you get paid and receive your free records

    your first payment and your free record awaits you after your release hits 10 sales. after that we will be paying you out on a montly basis. the free records (at 20 sales it will be another 2, at 30 sales another 3 records, and so on…) will be shipped to you shortly after hitting the sales mark.

  • 5. you plan the next release with us (if you wish...)

    if you enjoyed working with us and getting your music out on vinyl through our stress-free concept, we would be happy to work with you on your future releases as well.

join our release service

tell us a little bit more about your project and we will then contact you with additional information. don’t worry, this form is non-commital and just serves as a starting point for further discussion on the project.

any questions left?

for more information take a look at our faq section on the how does it work? site, write us an email to or send us a direct message through our contact form at the contact us page.

want to order records instead?

of course you are able to order custom records with us as well. it doesn’t matter if you need a small run or just one record, we make everything possible. by clicking the button below you will be directed to our vinyl configurator, where you can choose your favourite record size and options.

order custom records