how does it work

how does it work for fans?

the on demand record store is working on a made-to-order principle. that means, that every record ordered will be produced after the purchase. with our state-of-the-art record production equipment, we focus on one-offs and small runs. therefore it is possible for us to produce our records in small quantities and volumes.

  • how long does it take?

    the production of the vinyl record usually takes us anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.

  • every record is uniquely produced for the customer?

    yes, we do produce the records right after your purchase. when ordering at our record store, you buy the music from the artist (or the right to duplicate it) and simultaneously hire us at to transfer it on a vinyl record.

  • can i return the record if i don't like it?

    as every record will be uniquely produced for the customer after their order, we are not obliged to take any returns without a justified reason. please contact us with your order details and we will try to figure something out.

  • i have got a problem with my delivery. what should i do?

    if you are dealing with any kind of problem with your delivery (package is lost/broken/etc.) please contact us with your order details under and we will be pleased to help.

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how does it work for artists?

with our on demand record store here at, you as an artist get the opportunity to release your music on vinyl without any kind of risk. after telling us a bit more about your project/release in the artist area, we will contact you immediately with further information and details about our vinyl record release service.

  • do i have to pay for anything?

    no, nothing. our on demand record release service works without any expenses for the artist at all.

  • how can you produce the records in such small quantities?

    the secret with our service lies within the way of production. while usual record plants have to press at least 100 to 200 copies of a release, we do produce every single record in real time. in every record production there is the need for the very first record to be cut on an acetate or copper disc. we do the same thing, only that we cut our records directly into the vinyl disc.

  • how does the vinyl record look like?

    we do only use heavyweight 180g records, that are made to last. right now we are able to offer our records in the colors black and clear/transparent.

  • how does the cover look like?

    we offer different cover options with the colors black, white and nature optionally with a center hole. as for now we do only offer plain covers, but we can of course put any kind of sticker or anything else creative on it. with the center-holed coversyou can see the printed center labels.

  • how do the center labels look like?

    in our release service printed center labels are included, as well as plain white labels. if you wish, we can also handnumber the records produced and sold.

  • what do i earn as an artist?

    with every record sold you get a share of the price. on top of that you get free records from your release at every 10th record sold (1 free record at 10, 2 more at 20, 3 more at 30 sales, etc.). the more people are buying your records on our record store, the more you will be rewarded.

  • how long will my vinyl record be available?

    as we do produce the record on demand, there is no reason for us not listing your music in our store forever. but of course, you are able to limit the number of records or the timespan, where they will be available, if you wish so.

  • what file format does my music needs to be?

    uncompressed formats like .wav and .aiff work the very best. please have a look at our checklist/cheatsheet for all information regarding your music files and how you could prepare it to get the best results possible.

  • can i order a custom record or a small run from you?

    yes, of course. our configurator at the custom records page will let you tailor everything to your needs.

  • how can i join the record release service?

    just click on the button to visit the artist area and fill out the form.

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any questions left?

write us an email to or send us a direct message through the form below.