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kaltenkirchen joins us with his brand new single benzin, coming with an exclusive b side gimmick.

In “Benzin” Kaltenkirchen deals with self-optimization and restlessness: “I burn up – and fight against it with all my might – looking for benzin, on adrenaline”. Ecstasy is the only state that must always be maintained. It is always about the next kick that will make the fire burn again. What gasoline is to the flames, adrenaline is to the restless body. In “Benzin”, Kaltenkirchen goes in search of his fuel that keeps him going. The sound of the track oscillates between calm and ecstasy.

About the genesis: when the song was written by Kaltenkirchen together with NOVAA in Berlin in the summer of 2021, they sat together for a long time and talked about how their bodies and mental states can be programmed to always strive for new endorphin and dopamine surges. In the process, the two agreed that nowadays people oscillate so quickly between the need for rest and adrenaline that there is hardly any status in between. The song has ultimately become an anthem of anti-attentiveness. Always forward, always on the “gas pedal”. There is only self-optimization and restlessness. For the body to keep this up non-stop, it needs its fuel. “benzin” therefore stands for adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, which are constantly sought to keep going. Some people are doomed by the fact that their own resources are no longer sufficient and they then resort to chemical substances.


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