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Championing vulnerability first and perseverance second, Antonia XM released her first EP in May, after putting out well-received singles ‚Flawed’ and ‚Outnumbered’ and making some appearances with siren vocals, notably on lullaby ‘Keepsake (it’s alright)’ — a rework of the original by t0ni. Surprisingly, though best known for her work as a DJ, producer of hyperreal sounding electr(on)ics and as co-header of Ashida Park, the Viennese artist finds her musical genesis in the acoustic realm. Now she is ready to show yet another layer of her bubblegum-pink-vanta-black universe. We listeners are eased into a soothing sleep, only to awaken in the middle of a sonic landscape which is glistening with a haunting peace. Now guitar strings calmly resonate our way, then all starts bubbling and bursting as full-blown piercing kicks race by like shooting stars. As we try to pace along, the landscape hurriedly boils up and over our head and finally slows down again, immersing us fully. Feelings of warm earth with icy winds. Intimacy and distance in knowing unison. Fluid states are omnipresent in both Antonia XM’s work and persona, she speaks of not just music, but emotions, people, cultures, when she affirms: “I think we should finally embrace all of them and I simply don’t understand the idea of constantly limiting yourself and others to only one thing.”

(By Camilla Peeters)

Antonia XM is a DJ, producer, vocalist and label curator based in Vienna, Austria. In 2016 Antonia co-founded the label Ashida Park aiming to build an accessible platform for new and unconventional forms of club- and experimental music, visual art and digital dialog. Antonia’s music and DJ sets range from harsh gabber, techno or trance to nostalgic ambient or noise, all the way to dreamy pop compositions, always building on heavy emotions somewhere in between intimacy and excess. Antonia has released tracks on various labels such as Soulfeeder, Hard Trade, Paynomindtous, Cime and Ashida Park.

Resident Advisor:

All tracks written and performed by Antonia XM
„Prologue”, „Flawed“, „Demons“, „Ghost U“ & „Outnumbered“ produced by Antonia XM
„Exit“ produced by Sineraw
Additional production to „Ghost U“ by Michele Sinatti
„Prologue“, „Flawed“, „Ghost U“, „Outnumbered“ & „Exit“ mixed and mastered by Michele Sinatti
„Demons“ mixed and mastered by Dino Spiluttini
Vocal premix to „Ghost U“ by Parsa Sarraf

Artwork by Cavecanems (Darío Alva)
Photo by Daria Savytska
Shirt by Larissa Falk