Split l EP

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Annika Stein and BYDL teamed up to deliver this restless technoid and ambientish split ep.

Annika Stein is a DJ, producer, event-creator, label co-owner and activist born in Germany, based in Vienna. Her expressive techno sets are filthy, hypnotic and shameless, layered with advanced mixing techniques. In 2020, Annika Stein published her first release on vinyl with the label System A Recordings, which she runs along with her companions. Since October 2021, Annika has been one of the 4 resident DJs at Meat Market, one of the biggest local LGBTIQA*-community techno event organizations. The year 2022 started with a digital release of Annika’s production “Lucifer”, followed by the donation release “Ceasefire Compilation – Artists Against War“ in March, both published by Tongræber.

BYDL is a dedicated noise scrambler outta Vienna on the hunt for abandoned tape material to reuse in new musical contexts within experimental spheres of Ambient, Drone and Techno. Those excavated artifacts reach from children recording their homework to business people dictating their plans to themselves, all connected through the attribute of not being meant for the world to hear – let alone being used in music – while opening an intimate window into a past yet (and sometimes still) unknown. So far BYDL released on various labels such as Sama Recordings, Vienna Underground Traxx, Tongraeber, Ternär and more…

left picture by Marcel Plavec
right picture by Alessia Celentano
Vinyl-Mastering: Dino Spiluttini

Annika Stein
Resident Advisor:

Resident Advisor:

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