try so hard ep

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On ‘try so hard’ dertinoises constructs wistful memories on a foundation of breaks. Fortified by
sturdy 808s and melancholic pads the sound of this debut EP can unfold.

Mastered by Paul Machek
Cover by Ronja Kappl


For the past 7 years dertinoises has had his hand in shaping Vienna’s nightlife. As an early champion of PC Music and hyper pop, dertinoises hosted wild raves in the Prater with the Magic Hollywood collective. After countless hours of hunting down tracks in forums and on Soundcloud, dertinoises found themselves listening to more and more songs with old hissy lo-fi aesthetics. Enamored with these crunchy tracks dertinoises started producing. When dertinoises found likeminded DJs in Vienna, they decided to start Lo-ve-Fi, a house and garage focused event series with high profile bookings from all over Europe. Now, after several years of studying different genres and their function on the dance floor, dertinoises has put together a debut EP that distills all their favorite elements of dance music into a soft and melancholic record suitable for the dance floor and home listening.

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